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The numbers are quite staggering: last year, the Province of Ontario ranked No. 1 in all of Canada in terms of the number of breaking and entering incidents (39,929), property crime violations (319,775), non-motor vehicle theft over $5,000 (4,539) and robbery incidents (8,255).

It is not as though the province is predisposed to criminal activity. Moreover, this data is not meant to alarm or frighten people. It is rather meant to emphasize the importance of safety and security, especially when it comes to your home and place of business.

That’s where we, at Maximum Surveillance and Security Solutions, can come in and help — in every facet of your general protection and well-being. Our comprehensive video surveillance systems are both flexible and resilient, as they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Through our state-of-the-art technology and products, you can view your security footage from any area that is tethered to a smartphone or TV monitor. The video surveillance systems we offer have live-streaming capabilities. We also have the utmost cutting-edge security cameras — ranging from Hikvision and DVR to access cameras, to name a few — with fixed, panoramic, fish-eyed views and pan-tilt zoom. From all angles, we’ve got you covered.

Maximum deterrence. Maximum protection. Maximum security and surveillance. Maximum avoidance. These are the values that we hold dearly as a security and surveillance company. Your safety and security is of vital importance to us. You should never compromise when it comes to any of these aspects. No matter the time of day, we’ll protect you to the max.

Welcome to Maximum Surveillance and Security Solutions.

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