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For a company, access control systems are a top priority and crucial asset. The same remains true for a homeowner who places significant value on the security of their loved ones and possessions. Access control is our first point of security and the most vital. In office buildings or organizations, installing card access systems provides a higher level of convenience and a higher level of security compared to traditional key based systems. Maximum specialized in customized access control systems to suit a variety of client needs. Ask about our various systems.

Our Maximum security consultants work with you to identify the specific vulnerabilities that exist within your business or home, and work to understand and develop solutions with you. We work from the outside in, and our thorough process ensures the very best intrusion detection services to protect your assets.

We have the ability to install, maintain and update many types of security cameras that will ensure the customer’s safety and well-being. Whether it’s a Hikvision surveillance camera or a DVR or access camera, we can install it with ease. We offer a variety of camera products that have fixed, panoramic and fisheye views as well as pan-tilt-zoom — ensuring your security from all angles and vantage points. The camera products we offer are also adaptable to different lighting and weather conditions, making them versatile. Our security cameras produce clear and detailed images like few others are capable of doing.

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